Interested in Adopting?

Adoption Information

Every canine and feline over the age of 6 months is spayed / neutered prior to adoption, and all animals ready for adoption are current on vaccinations, have tested negative on heartworm (dogs) and feline leukemia / FIV (feline AIDS) (cats), and have been dewormed. For animals less than 6 months of age, state law requires that the adopter will sign a contract that he / she will get the animal spayed or neutered by the time it reaches 6 months old. WAG holds a deposit that is refunded when proof of spay / neuter is provided.

Adoption fees provide some recuperation of costs associated with providing in-home and necessary veterinary care while the animal is in our program. The benefit of adopting from an organization that provides in-home foster care is that the animal’s behavior has been evaluated by their care providers in a natural living environment, rather than oftentimes unpleasant surroundings of a shelter. WAG foster care providers care for the animals  as if they are their own, and learn to know the animal’s likes and dislikes, ability to co-exist with other animals, ability to tolerate children, and so forth.

Fees may occasionally be different than published due to circumstances surrounding individual animals.

Adoption Prices

Small Breed Dogs (less than 25 pounds)$350
Puppies$200 plus refundable $75 spay/neuter deposit
Small Breed Puppies$350 plus refundable $75 spay/neuter deposit
Senior Large Breed Dogs (7 years or older)$100
Senior Small Breed Dogs (9 years or older)$250

Adoption fees must be paid in cash or credit card.